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Your Community Update
Holiday Contest Winning Homes - Update:
First Place
First Place! Lot# 2073 - $100 to Home Depot Gift card

Second Place
Second Place! Lot# 2021 - $50 to Home Depot Gift card

City of Maple Valley Neighborhood Watch Newsletter:
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Park Update:
Some of you may have noticed the playground equipment got a little facelift. The board decided to have the playground equipment pressure washed and then painted to extend the life of the equipment until it is replaced.

As discussed at the 2014 HOA meeting, the board is looking at replacing the equipment in 2015 or early 2016 depending on any unforeseen projects that may take precedence.

Another thing you will notice is beginning the week of May 5th the same contractor who painted the equipment will be replacing the playground surround. This project was also discussed at the HOA meeting and the board felt it was necessary to complete this project now as the current surround was failing.

The board has been working very hard to keep the neighborhood looking good, while being financially responsible. If you have any suggestions, please contact the HOA Manager and she will pass on any feedback or concerns.

Please do not tape or post any signs on the mailboxes, they will be removed
Please read through the newly revised Rules and Regulations.
HOA Update